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Stewie has made it with the popular gang, in spite of his obviously strange appearance. Hey, guys, look what I got. There aren't a million of those already. After a few seasons, Family Guy showed its true colors as a very adult program by ridiculing it on a regular basis. You hardly spoke the whole car ride. We'll hire new people and start again tomorrow. Excuse me, stressed-out lady.


'Family Guy' Season Premiere: Brian Dates a Sick Woman...and Becomes a Chick Magnet (VIDEO)

Soon the women of the town have a problem with her too, seeing her as a threat to their relationships with their husbands. I don't want pregnant mess in my back seat. When the story surrounding it was totally ridiculous, fans were just as equally unsurprised. Is this how dating works? Stewie often dresses as a woman, and enjoys the occasional relaxing night at a gay bar. There's nothing I can do with this body.

Urban Dictionary: clemen

Brandee, what's going on in the news? Come on, we're heading down to the Clam. Glenn Quagmire : What, are you gonna bet on the Knicks? I thought only the bulls would have gone for a relentless capitalist who shows no empathy or remorse. Also, whenever bugs bunny dressed as a woman, i'd get romantic ideas.
That's perfectly normal for this time of day. Oh, God, keep him busy. Next, we'll focus on the female genitalia. Johann sure knows his stuff. In the first three seasons, Joe was painted as a hero who overcame his disability through bravery, positivity, and an unshakeable work ethic.
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